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My Principles

I am running for this position because our current board seat has proven they are out of touch with our parents, teachers, and students. They have chosen not to reflect the views of those they were elected to represent.

The purpose of government in our school system should be minimal, providing funding and general guidance. It is not the government's roll to indoctrinate our students in a philosophy to hate each other and their country. I believe the government's overreach in our schools needs to be reined in.

I am fiscally conservative and believe the funds appropriated for our student's should be used to best benefit those students and their teachers. Overspending on administrative costs needs to stop, and more needs to be seen in our classrooms and programs.

We need to teach our children fundamental math, science, strong communication and social skills, and an appreciation of the arts. We cannot do these things remotely, or when metaphorically muzzled. We need to teach them to be cautious, but not to live in fear.

After 15 years of volunteering in classrooms, guiding my children through public school conundrums, speaking directly with teachers, students, and parents, and building strong relationships throughout, I know I am in a position to stand up and be a voice for those I would represent.

If these basic principles ring true for you I kindly ask for your support.

Vote Allie Anderton for Board Trustee
Coeur d'Alene District 271